Praise for The Real Mayberry

"What a great film - a love letter to small town America. There is something for every American to lean in to in this film - whether you are a new business, a millennial, a fan of Mayberry, a farmer or a person who wants reassurance that the American way of life is alive and well - it is in the film."

- Eileen O'Neill, former General Manager of TLC and Discovery Networks

"It is so packed with interesting (in the very best definition of that word) people and characters. I smiled throughout and at the same time felt that I learned so much, not just about Mt Airy but about what a small town could accomplish with the right leadership and with people who care. The clips from the TV show are great and help to bring the themes together. The film took me on an amazing journey, one that has enriched my understanding of small towns--and in particular one small town in North Carolina."

- Gail Zimmerman, former General Manager of UNC Public Television

"I have to tell you I am not traditionally a documentary watcher but this just had me so engaged. You found such compelling townsfolk and stories and wove it all into such a rich tapestry about the richness of small town life, lost prosperity of a bygone era, and a community coming together to chase the next version of the American dream."

- Amy Winter, General Manager of UP TV

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